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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I didn't get any pictures of the show, but I only brought 1 roll of film with 27 pictures, so I needed to save up. This was the "tour" show, in which they would play their standard set. No real surprises tonight, except the Johns having the nerve to curse everyone out! (Actually, they were just demostrating how people curse in New Orleans, where they played a show at Tipitina's, home of the famous 6/20/88 bootleg show). The Loser's Lounge, the famous act who do a tribute to a different artist every month opened the show. Tonight, it was an ABBA show, featuring Robin "Goldie" Goldwassar singing "Thank You For The Music".

TMBG put on their standard show, nothing to write home if this was your 8th time seeing them. But it was all good, and the best part about it was that it was an intimate show. It was a Wednesday night, and not too many people made it out there for it. So I could move around freely, dance a lot, and drink a lot!

Of the songs they did played that I haven't heard live very often were Letterbox and Narrow Your Eyes (Only time I've heard it live).