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Fan Recaps and Comments:

they came out earlier this time, and 4 of them (John, John, Hickey and Miller) were wearing fake mustaches. Linnell looked an awful lot like Hitler with his, and Flans' kept falling off. Danny Weinkauf's was the only real one...

istanbul was very close to the album version... no acoustic guitar, and Dan Miller's intro was almost exactly the violin part...

James K. Polk with the cannon again,

Mr. Klaw with the yelling...

Ana Ng was done.... with no intro, and fast the whole way through. Dan just counted off the intro and Linnell started singing. Very unexpected, but very cool.

Shoehorn was done and we were spared the "Born in a graveyard" intro... Flans came up with something new, and it was actually funny.[1] Dan Hickey looked really good with the mustache.

Linnell kept trying to introduce I Palindrome I but lots of people were yelling... he finally told them to shut up and introduced the song.

Letterbox was written at the very bottom of the setlist and covered with tape on most of them, so Flans had no idea what they were going to play. Linnell had to explain to him "Well, it's the only song we do in 6... it begins with an L... it's on Flood.... and it's called Letterbox..."[2]

Narrow Your Eyes was pretty cool. my first time ever seeing it, and Flans introduced it as being autobiographical...

Spy... oh, my, Spy... during the improv, Flans pulled a piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and started pointing at the band... he instructed each of them to play the song he named... and gave them 4 different songs, about 3 times... it was really amusing, especially the last one, where Dan Miller had to play Pachelbel's Canon, Weinkauf had to do "Good Vibrations" and Linnell got Del Shannon's "Runaway." I forget what Dan Hickey was doing that time...

Turn Around was introduced with Linnell telling everyone he often screws up which albums which songs are on, and he thought this one was on Apollo 18... and this was confirmed both by other members of the band and the audience.

Til My Head Falls Off... Linnell switched the "...and when I lean my head..." lines but otherwise it was cool. Another one I didn't expect to hear.

Mammal was not on the setlist, but a bunch of skulls were.

During Particle Man, Linnell played *something* but I haven't a clue what it was.

During the Famous Polka Flans allowed someone to play his guitar, but apparently wasn't very clear with his instructions because the person kept trying to hold the guitar. Then Flans' obscenely thick pick got stuck in the strings and fell down, so he had to get another one...

Counterfeit Faker was done, again with the heads, and Linnell's was wearing the mustache that he had been wearing throughout the show (the other people had removed theirs at various points during the show, but Linnell apparently liked his...)

other details... they were much more into this show, although it was considerably shorter... not a lot of talking. mostly just songs.

You Were Spiraling opened both nights and were excellent, as always.

[1] No, I don't remember what it was. [2] Linnell is apparently confused. Or he forgets that they have songs such as "Where Your Eyes Don't Go," "Dead," and "I'll Sink Manhattan," all of which are also in 6/8 time.

- Lawrence Solomon