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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Lou:
I went to see TMBG at the Electric room in Philadelphia. It was awesome they opened the show with Ana Ng. They also played 6 new songs, one was entitled the "Cyclops Rock" and it was sung by Flans. Another new song was "She Thinks She's Edith Head" in which both Johns sung, it was really cool. They came out twice for two encores and ended the show playing Istanbul.

After the show me and my friends went to Roy Rogers at a rest stop. We were sitting there and then all of sudden The Flans walks in with two Dans. He was really nice. I complimented him one the show and the new songs. He told me that they were going into the studio in about two weeks to start their new album.

Review by chimpoo:
This was my very first They Might Be Giants show, a long time ago. There were a lot of errors on this page so I tried to fix it up the best that I could. The order of the setlist posted is not at all correct, but I am pretty sure that all of the songs that were played are there. The show was 3/4/99 and I am writing this review on 11/27/07, so forgive me if some details have gotten lost in my memory. It was an amazing show. The band came out and did Severe Tire Damage Theme with the Velcro Horns, and then immediately went into She's an Angel. I remember Linnell making the comment "This is kind of an important gig for us and I forgot to shave." Some notes of interest about this show are that it was the first time they ever played Cyclops Rock and (She Thinks She's) Edith Head. When Flans introduced Edith Head, he said that they had written it 4 days earlier, making the song's birthday 02/28/99. When Linnell began playing the beginning piano note, Flansburgh thought that the tempo was off. He consulted Dan Hickey, who said "It sounded about right to me." Flans responded "Oh.. well boy are my cheeks red." Cyclops Rock started out with the first verse, instead of the chorus. Reel Big Fish had been one of the 3 opening acts, and some of their fans stuck around for TMBG. They yelled a lot of things during the show, such as "REEL BIG FISH!" At one point, Flansy was speaking and one of them yelled "SHUT UP!" Then they went back and forth a little with Flansy saying "No, you shut up. You shut up." I laughed. Linnell played the Baritone sax during Spy and (I think) during The Guitar. Somebody Took My Eye was played before STD-Tempo-Ana Ng. Also, the CD Fast Forward Skipping version of Shoehorn with Teeth was played after Shoehorn at the request of somebody in the audience.