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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by "Son of Bumpy":
After passable opening act - Michael Shelley(?) - the Giants took the stage and opened with "She's an Angel". I was in the second row of standees at the front of the stage and had a great close-up view, with Flansburgh leaning directly over us from time to time.

Much the same show as the previous year's at Lee's Palace. Crowd asked to alternate chants of "Apes! Apes! Apes!" and "People! People! People!" during "Battle Beneath the Planet of the Apes". During "Little Bottle", John F. kept time by thumping an eight-foot wood staff on which a microphone had been mounted then he sang a distorted "To All the Girls I've Ever Loved Before" through the hollow staff.

"Famous Polka" played twice in succession with the second version faster than the first. Before one of the guitar breaks, JF handed his pick to a woman standing in the front row and proffered his guitar so that she could play the strings at the break. Instead, she reached out to take the guitar like she thought he was passing it to her. He pulled it back and signalled that she was supposed to play it but she just stood there dumbfounded while the band marked time. Finally, an exasperated JF yelled "COME ON!!" and she managed to rake the strings a couple of times before he took the pick back.

Surprising amount of singalong from the audience, especially noticeable on "NYC" and "Ana Ng". Excellent rendition of "Spiralling Shape". First encore was "Whistling in the Dark", "Exquisite Dead Guy" (lipsynched by rather tacky doll heads on poles) and "Istanbul" which had a superb solo intro by the second guitarist. The second encore was another runthrough of "Dr. Worm" and that was the end of a great evening.