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Fan Recaps and Comments:

The Vanishing Dot:

Of the ten times I've seen the band in concert, I'd probably say this was my favorite show. The set was weird and unpredictable and it was the last time I saw them with the horn section (until 2007).
  • Flans hauling out the bass drum for Whistling In The Dark.
  • Exquisite Dead Guy, "performed by" the puppet heads on long poles.
  • Lie Still, Little Bottle, with Flans keeping time with The Stick.
  • Lots of material from Apollo 18.
  • Absolutely Bill's Mood!
  • Concert staples like The Guitar, Spy and She's Actual Size, before they did them to death.
  • Flans, after someone tried to nick something from the stage early in the show: "We like to pretend there's an invisible barrier between the stage and the prevent you from stealing our s---."
  • Flans talking about the presidency: "We represent the people...and the stuff they do."
  • Flans sang, "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my s---" over and over in the improv section of "Spy", after he had plucked out five of his strings.
  • Flans on their version of The Byrds' rendition of "Mr. Tambourine Man": "We're gonna do the version that Bob Dylan was irritated by."
  • FLANS: Tonight we're awarding $10,000 to the song that's being played when the cannon shoots. So tonight's winner is the song we just played, 'Working Undercover For The Man.'
  • LINNELL: "Exquisite Dead Guy." About a guy who's dead.
  • Flans, instructing the audience during "Battle": "Those of you who have right arms, raise them in the traditional rock position and yell...'Ape!'"