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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Son of Bumpy:

Excellent performance by the Giants. Great to see and hear them in a small club again. They gave a full show with full effort despite having to repeat at 10:45.
My set list agrees with yours except for the addition of "Your Racist Friend". Opened with "S-E-X-X-Y". Highlight from a theatrical standpoint was "Exquisite Dead Guy" delivered by articulated doll heads mounted on tall poles held up into red spotlights by the Johns who worked the controls as they sang. Two consecutive versions of "Shoehorn With Teeth" - regular and sped-up ("CD search") - featuring the drummer at centre stage striking a single note on a glockenspiel at long intervals. Audience called on during the "Planet of the Apes" jam to chant "Apes! Apes!" when the drummer and bassist played then "People! People!" when the Johns took over. John F. asked what the French for "apes" was then we did it in French: "Singes! Singes!".
"Pet Name" was strangely truncated before its big finish. Quick three-song encore then we were out at 10. Hard to resist joining the rather short lineup for the second show.
Opening act was Lincoln, a tolerable guitar band who did a great version of "Stepping Stone".