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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I just downloaded the audio of the entire show offered on this page, and wow, it sounds amazing! I was expecting something barely recognizable but the tracks hold up incredibly well. The only downside is a pervasive tape hiss that tends to dissipate during actual songs but almost overwhelms the between-song banter. This is a classic old-school TMBG performance, and a rare treat to hear. The Johns' banter is as funny as usual, and highlights include them bringing an audience member onstage to bang the big stick during "Lie Still Little Bottle," plus a truly rare performance of "I've Got a Match" (with only 11 known performances, it's truly astounding that one was ever recorded and even more astounding that it's still around for anybody to hear).
This performance is a must-have for any hardcore TMBG fan, but it's also just a great example of old-school live TMBG for people new to the band. Best of all, it's free! What are you waiting for?