The Car Crash

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song name The Car Crash
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - November, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2001
first played May 30, 1987 (17 known performances)
run time 1:10
sung by John Linnell, John Flansburgh, The Audience


  • From TMBG Unlimited: "This crash, recorded in Munich in 1989, is but one of many enacted by our audience in the late eighties. The purpose of the Car Crash was to keep the ball rolling in the event of equipment failure. Tape could be wound back on to spools, guitars could be tuned, accordion straps could be duct taped, all while the entertainment continued seamlessly."
  • Sometimes TMBG would do a "Plane Crash."

Song Themes

Accidents, Onomatopoeia, Spoken Word


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