Laura Cantrell (EP)

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Laura Cantrell hello recording cover
Laura Cantrell
Hello recording by Laura Cantrell
First released July 1996 Tracks 5
Label Hello <hel-57> Length 14:53

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Cellar Door 1:48


2 Roll Truck Roll 2:38


3 No Place For Me 2:58  N/A
4 The Curse Of Hook Mountain 3:28 
5 Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine 4:01



  • John Flansburgh played guitar on track 1, and 12-string guitar on tracks 2, 3, and 5. He also produced the EP. It features Will Rigby on percussion, Robin Goldwasser on background vocals, and Jay Sherman-Godfrey on guitar and cello, as well as Jon Graboff on mandolin, which he also played for TMBG's Nanobots.
  • This is currently the only Hello EP that has been reissued. The 2004 reissue features previously unpublished photos of Laura performing live with TMBG and a new essay by Laura on her early years in Colonial Williamsburg, Brooklyn.