Hello The Band

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Hello The Band was an offshoot of John Flansburgh's Hello CD Of The Month Club. Flansburgh adopted the pseudonym of "Rolf Conant" for this project, a pseudonym he'd had kicking around for years before as well (check the art direction on Miscellaneous T, for example).

He claims the band formed simply because Joshua Fried wanted desperately to record the song "Hello Hello". Hello The Band released one eponymous EP on the club, and nothing else. According to monopuff.org, the band was slated to do a follow-up album called "The Hello Family". However, the CD of the Month club folded before the album could be released.

An ad for the Hello Recording Club stated about the EP:

Hello is a Brooklyn-Berlin alliance of Fried and Rave producer/DJ Rolf Conant. A wild fusion of rock and dance-floor styles. Includes a haunting cover of Gary Glitter's "Hello Hello."


Hello The Band's performers included: