Tony Millionaire

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Cover for Giants Jubilee, drawn by Tony Millionaire and featuring the Drinky Crow

Tony Millionaire is among the most famous graphic designers ever to have worked with They Might Be Giants. He is the creator of Maakies, an alternative comic strip, and the Sock Monkey comic book series, much of which is included in a collection that has been published with an introduction by John Flansburgh. His work is notably featured on the TMBG drinking glasses. Millionaire did the illustrations for Then: The Earlier Years and related digital releases, and animated the introduction to Gigantic's "coffee" segment, which features a character from a show created by Millionaire for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, The Drinky Crow Show. TMBG wrote and performed the theme song for the show.

Tony Millionaire on TMBG: "I've known them actually before I started doing comics, years ago when I lived in Brooklyn. I was friends with Brian Dewan and he was roomates with John Linnell. We'd go to parties and those guys would be hanging around, and then before you knew it, boom, they were famous. So they knew my comics and they asked me to do an album cover for them, which is called Then: The Early Years."

Outside his work with TMBG, Millionaire has worked for the television program Saturday Night Live, and illustrated The Five-Minute Iliad and other Instant Classics, written by Greg Nagan. He currently contributes incidental drawings for The Believer, a monthly magazine put out on Dave Eggers's McSweeney's publishing imprint. Millionaire also recently completed another animation project entitled God Hates Cartoons with three other TMBG collaborators, Brian Dewan, Andy Richter, and Sam Henderson, the animator for "Flying V".

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