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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Todd:
On Nov. 30, I saw my second TMBG concert. I must say it was much better than the first one considering that they played double the amount of time they played opening for Hootie, which was expected. The venue was perfect, a very small bar type room where I was standing about 3 feet from the rail.

First off, Cub was pretty good. They played for about 35 minutes and kept the pace up their whole performance. After about 20 to 30 minutes of set changing, the lights turned off and "Lady Is A Tramp" was played and then TMBG came out. They started off with "Older" which was cool and then they busted into "Ana Ng" and the house was a rockin'!. Much to my dismay however, there was a lot of moshing and crowd surfing. I had previously heard that They discouraged any moshing and crowd surfing type stuff at their concerts, but they didn't say anything the whole show. But other than that, the show was great!

They played for about an hour and a half. The song that got the most reaction from the crowd would have to be "Birdhouse In Your Soul". They played "Stayin' Alive" kind of mixed with "AKA Driver". Overall the show was great, both bands!

OH YEAH! Much to my dismay they DIDN'T play "Spiralling Shape"!!!!