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Songs expressing a strong fear or dislike of contact with other people.

Central theme[edit | edit source]

Briefly mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • 7-11 - "I slipped by the 7-11 / My hat over my eyes / As not to be noticed / Or even recognized"
  • Cage & Aquarium - "Somebody's reading your mind / Damned if you know who it is / They're digging through all of your files / Stealing back your best ideas"
  • Christmas In The Big House - "Hoping I'll be alone (Happy New Year) next year"
  • Cyclops Rock - "I just stare with my one glass eye / Hoping you won't be back again"
  • D & W - "D is shy and doesn't get out of the house much anymore"
  • Dark And Metric - "No privacy glass / Privacy glass"
  • Dog - "He's the kind of dog who sees a smiling friend and says 'I need no smiling friend today'"
  • Gudetama's Busy Days - "Though you need some brand new people / You don't trust the lot of them / So you're moving on"
  • Hearing Aid - "Sometimes I feel sorry for him / Usually I can't / I've turned off my hearing aid"
  • Hovering Sombrero - "Don't be shy/Don't be terrified"
  • I Haven't Seen You In Forever - "I'm so annoyed cause I forgot how much you bug me", "Go away and leave me alone"
  • Meet James Ensor - "He didn't need his friends"
  • Memo To Human Resources - "I'll be in the back and I don't need the help / I'm good here in the back / I'm good all by myself"
  • Metal Detector - "Down at the shore there's a place where there's no one vacationing" and "Don't need to look at any bathing beauty doll"
  • Maine - "Only if you stay away / And leave me to my ugly state"
  • Now Is Strange - "I could remove my apartment buzzer"
  • Protagonist - "For exposition / I'm out here on my own"
  • Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head - "Didn't have to write no one a goodbye note"
  • Rest Awhile - "He won't even talk to me now, but I don't care cause I'm sick of that guy"
  • Turn Around - "A man I had recently killed / Called me up from a phone near my building / So I looked out the window at him / He had the same obsequious manner / That was the reason I had him killed"
  • Wearing A Raincoat - "And the undead are like / A bunch of friends / That demand constant attention"
  • Welcome To The Jungle - "See how the bug reacts to your hand / In the same way that I do"