Addiction, Compulsion

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Songs where substance (alcohol, nicotine, coffee, drugs, or ambiguous), addiction, or some other form of self-compulsion is referenced or thematic.

Central theme[edit]

  • Anecdote is a story about a stale pot smell that followed the band during shows.
  • Anaheim - "So put away the hash pipe, the pornography, and the booze"
  • The Bells Are Ringing - "They are persuaded by the music of the bells, they're not responsible for anything they do"
  • Christmas In The Big House - "...for smoking rubber cigars"
  • Daylight - Flansburgh stated, "The song is really about addiction and being really lost in addiction."
  • Dinner Bell - Pavlovian food neuroses
  • Drink! - Alcoholism an implied motif; "On a cigarette break"
  • Hearing Aid - "More coffee for me boss 'cause I'm not as messed up as I want to be"
  • John Lee Supertaster - "Can't shut his mouth"; ironically, "Can't drink coffee or beer"
  • Lie Still, Little Bottle - "Black coffee's not enough for me, I need a better friend"
  • Renew My Subscription - "Already past my quota, I want another load o' those magic pills"
  • Sketchy Galore - Withdrawal-induced manic search for drugs
  • Spiraling Shape - "Putting all reason aside you exchange what you got for a thing that's hypnotic and strange"
  • The Statue Got Me High - "The stone, it calls to you (you can't refuse to do the things it tells you to)"
  • Teenagers Are Going - Uses audio clips from a documentary about marijuana
  • Thunderbird - "I know, I know, I said that I would quit. All right, I promise, no more after this"
  • Till My Head Falls Off - Pain killer addiction
  • Unsupervised, I Hit My Head - Coffee addiction
  • Your Own Worst Enemy - "Full bottle in front of me, Time to roll up my sleeves, And get to work, And after many glasses of work, I get paid in the brain"

Briefly mentioned[edit]