Greek Number Three

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song name Greek #3
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Then: The Earlier Years, Selections From Then
year 1997
run time 1:29
sung by John Linnell


  • This version of "Number Three" is sung entirely in Greek. The music bed was recorded in the mid-80s and the vocals were recorded in 1997. The accompanying Greek-sounding instrumental backing for this song was not completed for Then: The Earlier Years, but was completed and performed at several Then-themed shows where the Johns performed one set with a backing tape and one set with a full band.
  • "The Greek pronunciation in Greek #3 by Mr. Linnell (who claims to be one-eighth Hellenic) was characterized by one Greek native as 'crappy.'" - Then liner notes
  • When asked about his Greek in an interview with Stay Thirsty Media, Linnell responded, "I tried to learn Greek, but my Greek just stinks. So, I learned enough to be able to very roughly pronounce some of the words, but I never really learned how to speak Greek..."
  • In this version, the narrator buys himself a bağlama instead of a silver guitar.

Song Themes

Animals, Creative Drought, Food, I Am, Language, Mathematics, Money, Music, Occupations, Precious Metal, Presidents, Questions, Self-Reference, Problems With Liner Notes, Titles And Honorifics, Title Not In Lyrics


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