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Zaph's Collection
(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)Album Raises New And Troubling QuestionsApollo 18Back To SkullBed, Bed, Bed (Book)BOOKBoss Of Me (Single)Doctor Worm (Single)Don't Let's Start (EP)Factory ShowroomFactory ShowroomFloodGleanHey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal (Promo)I Palindrome I (EP)Indestructible ObjectIstanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP)It's Fun To StealJohn HenryJohn Henry DemosJoin UsLincolnLive!! New York City 10/14/94Long Tall WeekendMink CarMink CarMiscellaneous TMontana (Single)NanobotsNo!No! PreviewO Tannenbaum (Single)Phone PowerPurple Toupee (EP)S-E-X-X-Y (EP)S-E-X-X-Y (EP)Selections From The 2-CD Retrospective Then: The Earlier YearsSevere Tire DamageState SongsThe Devil Went Down To Newport (EP)The ElseThe Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP)The SpineThe Spine Surfs Alone (EP)The Statue Got Me High (EP)Then: The Earlier YearsThey Got LostThey Might Be Giants (Album)They'll Need A Crane (EP)UnsupervisedWhat We Did This SummerWhy Does The Sun Shine? (EP)Working Undercover For The Man (EP)

So, the userboxes pretty much say everything, but I suppose there's a story behind everything, too. I did become a fan in 1994. I had remembered hearing Istanbul, Dead, and Particle Man on the school bus around the time Flood came out, but at the time I was too embarrassed to ask who the band was. Eventually, I did find out, and a friend made me a double-sided tape with Flood on one side and Apollo 18 on the other. And then I bought all four albums and Miscellaneous T, and picked up John Henry pretty much the day it came out. It's still my favourite album.

My first of many shows was at Lisner Auditorium on October 18, 1994. I've heard almost all of their album songs live, with the largest gaps on the first album and John Henry. I used to keep track of what I'd heard live and how many times in a text file on my computer, but now I can do it here.

I've covered a bunch of TMBG songs in various different ways.

And since for some reason I'm more active on the wiki lately, I'm creating sub-pages of my user page, so here are my favourite TMBG songs, albums, and shows.