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By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2021

It had been going so well And then I broke my eggshell And entered the world as a brontosaurus Brontosaurus, brontosaurus

Here's my entire autobiography: I was Skinny at first, then I got thick, and then back to Being skinny again Like a brontosaurus Like a brontosaurus

Life was devoid of purpose And so I joined the circus Somehow they found it easy to ignore us People found it easy to ignore this Brontosaurus, brontosaurus

You want to leave an impression You want to express an emotion You crave some attention And for this transgression you'll be repaid when You fall and you fail and sink into depression

It was as dark as get-out I went and stuck my neck out Wearing an expression of optimism Optimism and bad vision

Do you think this tale has gone on for too long? Join the chorus, you can Join the chorus

Can't cut it as an artist Maybe I'm too sensitive Who would have believed skin could be so porous? Brontosaurus skin can be so porous Brontosaurus, brontosaurus