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Hi, I'm Sam, or Dinnercereal. Big TMBG fan, but love all sorts of other music such as Ween, Tally Hall, Jonathan Coulton, Lemon Demon, Billy Joel, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys, and Barenaked Ladies.

Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

Flood.png This user's favorite album is Flood.
The Spine Surfs Alone.png This user's favorite EP is The Spine Surfs Alone .

Twoface.jpg This user doesn't know which John they prefer.

Beller 45.jpg This user's favorite band member is Marty Beller.

Vancouver 45.JPG This user's favorite Venue Song is Vancouver.

Drums 45.gif This user plays drums.

Babel keyboard.jpg This user plays keyboard.

Baritone Saxophone.jpg This user plays saxophone.

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New Jersey.