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Songs that are notoriously hard to sing properly on the first try.

  • Absolutely Bill's Mood - "Don't you try to tag along"
  • Ana Ng - "Ana Ng and I are getting old and we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence"
  • Asbury Park - Especially "Me got kicked in the head backstage at the Stone Pony / Where I swore to the guy / That the guy who took his beer / Was a guy dressed just like me"
  • The Bells Are Ringing - "Forgetting their washing, neglecting their children, they're dropping all businesses at hand" and the chorus to an extent as well.
  • Birdhouse In Your Soul - The chorus
  • Circular Karate Chop - "Gird myself for a short sharp shock", "Dumping out my black backpack"
  • Cowtown - The phrases running into one another in the verses are intensely confusing to master.
  • Damn Good Times - "'cause she's highly qualified", "When my friend got amnesia she can't remember the show she saw"
  • Dead - The chorus
  • Dinner Bell - The bridge starting with "I don't know whether I'd rather be having..."
  • Don't Let's Start - The scatting.
  • Everything Right Is Wrong Again - The portion where the tempo is slowed half down is especially hard to understand.
  • The Famous Polka - The words are fast, with "But when the phone inside her ribcage rings, it's not for me" being particularly tricky.
  • Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal - Mainly the verses, especially "Chess piece face's patience must be wearing thin"
  • Hide Away Folk Family - The bridge "This is Leslie Down..." and the "backwards" vocals during the coda.
  • I Love You For Psychological Reasons - Most of the song, the verses in particular
  • I Palindrome I - "Son, I am able," she said, "though you scare me." "Watch," said I / "Beloved," I said, "watch me scare you, though." Said she, "Able am I, Son."
  • It's Not My Birthday - The middle verse ("So I'm rattling the bars around this drink tank...") contains some rhythms which are hard to time correctly.
  • Letterbox - Especially difficult is the line, "And I'll never never know what you never never never want to know when you know what you are, O."
  • The Mesopotamians - The foreign names of The Mesopotamians are hard to pronounce, especially all at once.
  • Mr. Me - The verses
  • Now That I Have Everything - "...but I knew what I had to do to be well-to-do and it had to do with the things I had to do"
  • Outboard Part Of Man - "outboard bread boy," and "night light, sleep tight"
  • Purple Toupee - Alliteration in the line "...crowned the king of Cuba..."
  • Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head - The verses
  • Rat Patrol - "Wilderness of mirrors shine / Floorboards creak or footsteps heard / Headlights turn into the drive / Then disappear into the night"
  • Rhythm Section Want Ad - "So if you like a band with a chick singer / Say your cup of tea is a wall of trombones / If you dig Menudo, or MDC we salute you the way we know"
  • Santa Cruz - All three verses.
  • She's An Angel - The chorus
  • Spine - "And I believe I'll be leaving it behind"
  • They'll Need A Crane - "Lad's gal is all he has, gal's gladness hangs upon the love of lad"
  • Till My Head Falls Off - The pre-choruses are difficult to sing in correct meter and timing.
  • Weep Day - The chorus
  • West Virginia - "There's another deep inside you and inside the other one there is another in the other"
  • Which Describes How You're Feeling - The quick tempo and unexpected repetitions ("There's this guy in the sky and he makes you want to want to make you sigh...") can be offputting.
  • Whistling In The Dark - The chorus.