TMBG Unlimited - February

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TMBG Unlimited - February tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - February
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released February 1, 2001
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Tracks 12 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - January
Label They Might Be Records Length 20:31 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - March

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Hovering Sombrero 2:13


2 Bangs 3:29


3 All Alone 1:33


4 Lincoln, Washington, And That Jefferson Guy 0:21


5 Down To The Bottom Of The Sea 0:56


6 It's Getting Late 0:16


7 The Army's Tired Now 1:12


8 Truth In Your Words 1:10


9 Budnitz #1 0:52


10 John Lee Supertaster 2:01


11 In The Middle 1:16


12 Your Mom's Alright 2:59


Official description[edit]

"Hey everyone, February is a bumper crop month for TMBG Unlimited. We're including thirteen new tracks. There is one of our collaborations with Doughty from Soul Coughing. There's new songs from the next rock album. There's songs from our unreleased children's album. And there's songs featured on McSweeney's Art and Music Issue. Enjoy!"
John F. "Guitar Guy"

"Bangs" - TMBG is calling the fashion trends, and we say it's bangs for spring. This song features "Ana Ng" like trembling guitars and a melody that people have already asked us to remove from their minds.

"Mr. Xcitement" with M. Doughty and the Elegant Too - A good time was had by all on this high energy track. Working with former Mono Puff DJ Phil Hernandez and Skeleton Key guitarist Chris Maxwell, now known collectively as the Elegant Too, TMBG and Doughty cooked up this manic track. I get name checked in the rap - a real first for me.

"Hovering Sombrero" - You might have heard the short version of this on Dial-A-Song or seen the streaming video for this in last months TMBG Unlimited issue, but now we have the full length song for you. Long in the works, I am happy to report it's been worth the wait.

"Truth In Your Words", "Lincoln, Washington & That Jefferson Guy", "Down To The Bottom Of The Sea", "It's Getting Late", "The Army's Tired Now", "Budnitz #1" - These tracks, some almost "Fingertips" length along with more regular length tracks, are all part of the new CD we just created for McSweeney's Literary Journal. They are creating a special Art and Music Issue with a hard bound book in full color, and a CD with something like 40 pieces of music on it by TMBG, and can be ordered now at This is a great magazine, and was a fascinating project to work on we highly recommend everyone check it out.

"John Lee Supertaster", "In The Middle" with Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser are tracks from the still-unreleased, and highly controversial children's album "No!" but are only available right here, right now.