Guitar Tab:All Alone

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All Alone
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: G Major
Year: 1999
Tabbed By: AtionSong
G                            C      G      D7
Once upon a time they sent a rocket to the moon
     G                         C       G       D7
With scientific instruments to test conditions there
    G                                     C    G      D7
But just before they closed the door, one scientist expelled a germ
     G                           C         G      D7
That accidentally found its way aboard and stowed away

    C                          D7
For three years it remained undetected on the moon
           C                    D7
It was the only living creature there:

"I'm all alone
I'm all alone
Behold the mystery
That is me"

Then one day the scientists recovered all their gear
Excited by the prospect of unearthly things inside
They found, to their astonishment, a living thing within
It seemed to bear good tidings from somewhere in outer space:

"You're not alone
You're not alone
Behold the mystery that is me"

Soon they figured out the heinous error they had made
And now the earthly germ had something else it seemed to say:

"We're all alone
We're all alone
Behold the mystery
Behold the mystery."