TMBG Unlimited - January

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TMBG Unlimited - January
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released January 2001
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Tracks 7
Label They Might Be Records Length 16:27 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - February

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 I've Got A Fang (Demo) 2:22


2 Drink! (Demo) 1:48


3 Cyclops Rock (Demo) 2:20


4 Stormy Pinkness (Love Version) 2:21


5 Robert Lowell 3:17


6 The Edison Museum (Wax Cylinder) 2:26


7 James K. Polk (Wax Cylinder) 2:06



Official description[edit]

Cyclops Rock - We've got one eye. Dig? This song is our tribute to fallen heroes Richard Nixon and Chuckie. Check out the Dans kicking the solo. This is a preview of our next album, but available now for your MP3 pleasure.

Drink, Drink - This brand new drinking is an unsentimental view of life at the bottom at the glass, from the far end of the bar. Sing along.

Robert Lowell - This song was recorded with the Elegant Too, who we are also working with on a couple of tracks with Doughty from Soul Coughing slated for our next rock album. This recording will be part of the McSweeney's literary magazine "Art and Music" issue to which we'll be contributing a number of new tracks especially recorded to correspond to artwork or writings of other contributors. The lyrics of this song are entirely from a poem by Robert Lowell (although they have been "re-contextualized" by TMBG for rock music purposes).

I've Got A Fang - An instant minor classic from the festering brain of the original "Mr. Fleece" John Linnell. It's about a guy with a fang.

Stormy Pinkness - "Love Version" recorded live in Berlin 1988. This recording was sent to us by a German fan who recorded it from the crowd. Here [sic] them chant "love" while we perform the song.

Did you know?

"The Edison Museum" is a longtime Dial-A-Song favorite and was featured on "Long Tall Weekend" but is fully realized here in full lo-fi splendor of the emerging technology of the late nineteenth century, the wax cylinder. We had to shorten the song slightly to make it fit the time limitations of the wax format.
Visit the official Edison Museum site at

Did you know?

We had the privilege of recording a number of songs on an Edison Wax Cylinder recorder the day we were guests of the Edison site in West Orange NJ, including the following song, "James K. Polk". For more information about wax cylinder recordings check out