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Fan Recaps and Comments:

(This all feels very 2005 Xanga entry. So nostalgic.)

The beer and cider taps at the venue were malfunctioning and causing a comical amount of frothy foam on top of a lukewarm few inches of beverage. Luckily (if you cared), there were other options, including cans and the TMBGNT (a gin and tonic), or getting stoned as a statue.

The venue is known for its bowling lanes overlooking the show floor, but bowling and sound checks aren't the best mix. So, after sound check (someone told me they played Spiraling Shape), you could put on your red shoes and bowl. Flansburgh made a comment at one point that he thought maybe people would be bowling during the show, and that he'd hear the sound of pins getting knocked down. Not the case!

JF said later that he doesn't like when there is zero ambient noise in a venue. That they start to feel insecure up there.

He then mentioned that the band was getting over a "small respiratory illness." You couldn't tell at all in their appearance or voices that they had been sick. They sounded incredible! The horns had no apparent trouble at all blasting away.

The Johns mentioned that they like to hear little snippets of conversation when the music cuts out. "SO I SAID TO HER..." was John L's example. He said that it's fun for the band to hear those things.

A little running joke of the show was, after the Johns mentioning Jesus Christ Superstar, audience members yelling out "Judas!!"

There were some sudden popping noises of unknown origin from the speakers, but those got sorted quickly.

At one point Linnell had the house shine the lights on Marty B, and he whipped out this camera with multiple lenses for a stereoscopic photo. He pointed it at the little rearview mirror he has on his keyboard for keeping eyes on Marty during the show. He said the photos could/may/might be available as a viewfinder in the future.

At another point, John Flansburgh mentions that he read a review of the tour so far, a good one, but that the reviewer bemoans that the Giants took a 45 minute intermission, which was untrue.

Down by the merch table, there was someone in a Beaker (the Muppets) costume taking pictures with fans.

I'm remembering now that there were jokes about "adding stuff to the wiki" during the show. John L mentioned a Richard Scarry book about a big ball of string that inspired We Want A Rock? He then realized that none of the 1000 people surrounding him had any idea what book he was talking about. "Not a single woo of recognition," I believe he said. "Maybe I made it up..." he said.

Oh. The music itself was impeccable!

~a frozen human rug