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Fan Recaps and Comments:

mouthmoods This was my first TMBG show and it was great! I recorded the setlist and pieces of banter as best I could in a Google doc after I got home, but all of this is paraphrased.

At the beginning of the show, Flans informed us that we were not allowed to flood the aisles for safety reasons, but were WERE allowed to levitate above our seats, except the people in the balcony, who should not levitate. And buy their tickets sooner.

Flans was wearing a fluorescent yellow hoodie that glowed faintly in the dark.
Flans: "I had an expensive jacket, but I left it in a hotel room, and they're not returning my calls."
Linnell: "That's why you should write the reward on the inside."
Flans: "...So I bought this hoodie from Dollar General."
Linnell: "Yeah, so you write 'Reward: One Dollar.'"
Flans went on to explain that Dollar General is not a 99-cent store, but a store where things cost about a dollar, in general. He also believes that such stores are very dark places.

Linnell mentioned that he was sad that every time he came back to Ann Arbor, more of the used bookstores had closed down. (When he said this the audience was like "OH NOOOO!")

Flans: "Since we're Ann Arbor, the audience is the highest scoring on the SAT of any of our fans."
Linnell: "Which is not a high bar to pass."

Flans mentioned that many bands have had incidents where they have people walk out of their shows because they say negative things about Trump onstage, but this has not happened at a TMBG show yet.
Flans: "I'm not going to say anything about Trump. You all know how I feel about Trump. You know how all the people feel about Trump. The people chose him as their president... the people of Russia." [audience applauds]

Flans: “So I hurt my knee a few weeks ago, and my friend told me to try this stuff called CBD oil.” [cheers from audience] “But instead of CBD I accidentally got ICP. You don’t want to take ICP.”
Linnell: “What you really don’t want to take is C3PO….Because then you turn into a golden robot.”
Flans: “I would take it.”
Linnell: “You want to turn into a robot?”
Flans [firmly]: “Yes.”
Linnell: “Well, I guess then you would be like [C3PO voice] ‘Oh my goodness! My knee doesn’t hurt anymore!’”

Flans made a number of jokes about how no one wants to hear new songs throughout the show, which made me kinda sad, because ILF is so good!!
Flans: "On Amy Schumer's show, there's a scene where she tells her ex-boyfriend 'I hope you go to your favorite band's show and they play all their new songs.' It was kind of a wakeup call for us."
He also instructed us to "draw on our theatrical backgrounds" and act really excited whenever they played a new song. Which I would have done anyway.

At the end of the show, Flans and Marty started handing out Dial-A-Song stickers. Then Marty brought out his drumsticks to give away. I reached out to take one, but Marty made a "no, wait one minute" motion and went back over to his drum set and got a drumhead! He signed it, drew a picture of himself, and gave it to me. You can see a picture of it on tmbgareok. I also fistbumped Flans. It was awesome.