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Setlist: (Going from memory here, no hope of correct order so I went alphabetical to make it easy for me to scan the list and avoid duplicates as I remembered songs to add. Please correct if you know better. They had one 20-minute intermission between two main sets, and did two encores.)

Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was my first time at the Orange Peel, I liked it a lot. The stage is pretty wide so the crowd could fan out and visibility was good. I came with a couple of friends who were relatively new to TMBG, they had fun too. And being good friends, they absorbed some of my zeal by osmosis. :)
Linnell's contralto (?) clarinet was amazing to see. Unfortunately the trumpet player they had lined up was unable to make the show, and looking back I can imagine it would have been awesome to have him, but the band certainly left no gaps in the night.
The "quiet storm" section of the show was captivating. They did A Self Called Nowhere that way, which surprised me a bit since it can also be such a full-band powerhouse. It was still very dynamic but this arrangement allows the vocals to stay dominant, which I find brings more attention to the lyrics. A great moment for sure.
Underwater Woman was another favorite, I love that song. Cloisonné too, its bounciness is just so infectious. Of the new material from I Like Fun, I'd say I enjoyed I Left My Body the most. It was probably the loudest song of the night; it grafted onto my bones. And now days later, All Time What keeps popping into my head like a groundhog from its hole.
Flans urged us to conga for No One Knows My Plan. Seemed like about a third of the house jumped in the line, it was super fun.
I want to name Marty Beller as the MVP of the night, in recognition of both his relentless driving energy and his Swiss Army versatility. But the guys were all super tight.