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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Good show, of course. I was about four rows back on the floor. The sound was pretty mushy. I noticed the roadies inspecting the cone of Dan's amp with a flashlight a few times, but it was more that just his channel; not the acoustics of the room, mind you: the mix and/or actual PA. I don't see any huge differences from other recent set lists, but I'll let others post an authoritative list. I did notice the Spin-the-Dial gear on Flansburgh's stack (complete with powered-up, amplified, rigid FM antenna), but they didn't use it. I wonder if they've been doing that recently. A good crowd; no discourteous episodes as far as I could tell. There were at least two both-parents-and-their-twelveish-year-old near me, FWIW. I saw one guy with the long-sleeve "tattoo" shirt—props to him because I didn't have the guts to wear mine from 1997. Somebody took a picture of my 20th-anniversary ringer shirt, so I guess that was old enough! And, free pro tip: don't eat cashews during the intermission before you play the bass clarinet. You're welcome. -Hyperfine (talk) 12:11, 18 May 2015 (EDT)