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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Another sterling TLA show! Though with all the new venues in the city, it's a little frustrating to have to brave the insufferable clusterfuck of traffic and jackasses that is South St. in the single digits. Still, the band didn't disappoint and made all the pre-show travel hassle worthwhile. I'd been seriously digging on The Glean since it's release the previous Tuesday, and the show was gleefully packed with new tunes. I would have liked maybe a few more from Nanobots (especially in a two set show) but the back catalog choices were surprisingly diverse. "#3" made an always welcome appearance, as well as one of my all times favorites "Man, It's So Loud in Here" played in it's late 90's pre-electronica version. The only drag for this show was right before "32 Footsteps" two guys pitched up behind us and proceeded to LOUDLY discuss topics as fascinating as: -Texts from the girl one was trying to take to the bone zone. -Brian Williams leaving NBC -A picture one was sent by his dad. -The "tall asshole" in front of us. It should go without saying that they positively stank of booze. We managed to slink a little further in the crowd to get away from them, but then found ourselves beside a clot of nitwits who were dancing in a weird little circle and chanting soccer hooligan style along to the songs. Here's a tip: everyone has been to a show where "That Guy" shows up and makes it his personal mission to harsh everyone's mel with oblivious dickwad behavior. If you are at a show and "That Guy" is nowhere to be found-take a good look at yourself. You may just be everyone else's "That Guy." At the Penn's Landing show on the Nanobots tour, a full on brawl broke out next me requiring Dan Miller himself to intervene from the stage. C'mon Philly! Get your show going shite together.