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Hot Cha:

This concert was a special Earth Day celebration at The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in downtown, Boston. Although it was free and many people brought their children, the Johns explained that it was not technically a family show; still, they kept the curses down to "damn good times." Driving from Vermont, I missed the opening act, Citizen Cope, and may have missed the first song or two, hence starting the setlist with Ana Ng - if anyone knows what was played before this, please update the list for me, thanks. All and all, another fun, outdoor Giants show. Some children in my area were mesmerized with my home-made Alphabet Of Nations shirt and the Johns did not shoot confetti, noting the environmental factor. It began to rain during What Is A Shooting Star?, but the band still slammed out Birdhouse In Your Soul for those of us who refused to budge.


TMBG in Boston! I had no idea who the opening act was - Citizen Cope anyone? Well he was okay, whatever. I’d suffer through any opening act to see TMBG for free.
The security at this show were HUGE douchebags, mostly because they kept this huge area in between the main crowd and the stage empty. Then, for some reason, they start letting people into this area, screwing those of us who camped for our spots before the show. WTF? Well, as soon as TMBG took the stage, Flans told the crowd to ignore security and move up to the stage. So we told the yellowshirts to get stuffed and we broke open the barrier fences and moved up. Best band in the universe :D
Overall a great show - they don’t hold back just because it’s a free gig. Afterwards, Marty Beller stayed around behind the stage and signed things for people. One guy asked him to sign his wallet. Marty gave him a “Dude. Really? Wtf?” kind of look and then did it anyway, since he’s a nice dude. I told him I didn’t have anything to sign and that my cam batteries were dead, but wanted to thank him for an awesome show besides. He thanked me for coming and gave me a helluva handshake. I hopped on my bike and headed back home to Arlington - and then I ran into Dan Miller and Danny Weinkauf on the street! I thanked them as well, high-fived Danny, and was on my way. Awesome!