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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Mr. 77:

Before the show, me and my aunt went and ate at Sal's Pizzaroma, which was a hilarious little shop. There was this guy, might have been the owner, who sat in a recliner and was watching "Superbad" the whole time we were there. Then when it was over, he just left the menu running for about 20 minutes, so the same corny music was playing over and over. Now for the actual show; Guggenheim Grotto was pretty cool, very laid back compared to the Giants. As soon as They got on stage, Flans told everyone to stand up and come to the stage, since we all sat in seats for the opening act. The show had a lot of surprising songs, like Where Your Eyes Don't Go, Hearing Aid, and especially Shoehorn with Teeth. The rendition of James K. Polk was new for me, and one of my favorites ever, especially the mystery instrument they used for the singing saw solo. The puppets were hilarious, and definitely a highlight of the night.
Overall, the whole night was amazing, and ranks high on my list of best concerts ever.