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Brian miller:

Another fun They Might Be Giants show, great as always.
For this show, the band was supplemented by a single trumpet player (not a whole horn section). The trumpet player's name was announced several times, but I wasn't sure if it was Kurt Ramm, or Kirk Ramm, or something similar... ? He was announced as being from Connecticut.
The trumpet was present for about 8 or 9 songs (of 30 total in the concert): Birdhouse In Your Soul, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Your Racist Friend, Particle Man, Hearing Aid, Whistling In The Dark, Road Movie To Berlin, band introductions/solos, Doctor Worm.
John Linnell played accordion on five songs: Particle Man, We Want A Rock, Whistling in the Dark, Drink!, Doctor Worm.
John Flansburgh played the marching-band-style bass drum on Whistling in the Dark.
The Johns made a number of references to being excited about playing at this venue, for several main reasons. First, because Berklee is a music school. Second, because they remember spending time in Massachusetts and seeing shows there in the past. And third, because of the quality of the theater (compared to other venues they have played in the past being characterized as dumps; for example, in the introduction before Asbury Park when describing The Stone Pony.


John Linnell also stopped to make a point that this audience was different from others, in that we applauded after the solos within the songs. Flansburgh hammed it up a couple songs later, looking for applause and taking an animated bow after performing a solo on a small electronic device. (Someone please feel free to fill in the details I'm missing.) The device might be a common one - Linnell had one too - but it reminded me of something Brian Dewan might have put together.


I'm pretty sure they were stylophones, I recognized them from this video.
That is indeed a Stylophone in the the above video, however the pair of new devices that They picked up recently are the SX-150 Synthesizer by Gakken.