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Fan Recaps and Comments:


"This next song is often, I'm not sure why it is negatively received at our children shows. It's about alcoholism..."
This was my first TMBG concert and it was amazing! I was in the front row right under Dan Miller and got a hold of a setlist at the end of the show. The energy really showed that night as they started out the concert, although to be honest, I would have enjoyed listening to incoherent singing from the balcony after the opening act. Particle Man had the I love to sing montage in the middle, which I found to be very amusing being that the song made me forget that they hadn't finished particle. After Damn Good Times, Flans said that "We put a lot of effort into the adult shows, but for the children shows, we do nothing. So we have to practice tonight!" In which they played Seven.
"We played the fuck out of that song."

Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal was received to major applause, though he never got his Purple Toupee. A shock to the system for myself when they started up Memo to Human Resources! The Mesopotamians was referred to as lucky track number 13. After that was an amazing guitar intro to Istanbul by Mr. Dan Miller on the acoustic guitar. Flans let us practice Drink! though he was never pleased with it.

"The timing was OK, the volume was adequate, But where was the heart?"
The second time he complained of the first row deafening him so he couldn't hear the people in the bar. Almost had a Phone Calls from The Dead, but no cigar. However, it was skipped for the addition of New York City later on.
"This next song is the only song on our setlist written by an acquitted murderer."
That led us to Maybe I Know with just John and John. She's An Angel was a delight to hear live as was Experimental Film. The first encore brought us the 3rd(4th in Flans' case) children song of the night, Alphabet of Nations with a verse I had never heard. Letterbox was easy for them, except for the hard parts. The 2nd encore brought Fingertips, Birdhouse In Your Soul and The Guitar. Overall a tremendous show


Gigantically awesome!
I was thrilled with seeing TMBG at the Beaumont club. It was my second TMBG show and actually I'd traveled all the way from Florida to see it.
I was really excited and although I didn't get there as early as I wanted I got there early enough to hear them doing their soundcheck, and they actually played "The 7 Days of the Week" (I never go to work) which they didn't end up playing at the show.
Pre-show I actually had a run in with John Flansburgh, but I didn't really get to talk to him or anything, however he did say "Hi" to me.
I ended up being in the front row right beneath John Linnell where I could look up at his eyes. It was awesome. Before they went on I poked his mic stand.
They played and they were phenomenal saying all kinds of funny and witty things um since it was their "Swear-a-thon" I do remember Linnell saying "We Played the F***k out of that song" and um wow it was just great. I'd made them this little gift that was a "Birdhouse Nightlight" so I was waiting for them to play "Birdhouse" which they finally did as one of the encore numbers. So I sort of held it up. I really doubt the band noticed though. The other to encores were "Fingertips" which I was thrilled with and "The Guitar" during which John Flansburgh leaned out with his guitar for the crowd to touch and I was fortunate enough to have been one of those people.
I didn't succeed in getting a setlist, but not willing to have traveled all this way and go home empty handed I grabbed what was in front of me, John Linnell's towel. Okay I know that sounds gross, but he hadn't used it.
When waiting on the curb for my ride John Linnell walked past a group of us of course I know he's not particularly fond of fans accosting him so I didn't even attempt it, no one bothered him which made me happy. Although I did yell "Thank You!" as he got in the car. Meaning thank you for such a terrific show.
All in all I had a good time, although I was a little disappointed that night as they say hindsight is 20/20 and overall it really was a great experience and I am glad I went.
The only problem now is I need to see another TMBG show!