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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Got there nice and early--ended up about a row of people from the very front, directly in front of Linnell.

"Why Does the Sun Shine?"--Linnell altered the first verse entirely; I got really confused for a second or two. Then, at the spoken word part, Flans's bits about the sun being hot, large, and far away were sung through a voice modulator. And apparently, the heat and light of the sun are made by nuclear reactions between "a failed foreign policy, a failed domestic policy, and a failed presidency." Everyone went wild at this point. There was also an impromptu poll later on about how many Obama supporters were in the audience. The poll was promptly closed, to much amusement.

"New York City"--changed Dylan to King Kong, as they often do

"Apartment Four"--followed comments between the Johns about their utter domination of the Amazon kids' charts

"Experimental Film"--"The video for this next song was directed by our friend Strong Sad." [cheering] "And if you don't know who that is, you have no idea what's going on."

"It's Not My Birthday"--"How many of you are having birthdays tonight? This song is dedicated to everyone else."

"Older"--perfectly timed confetti cannons, although a good bit of the audience didn't know that the song abruptly stops beforehand

"Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"--Dan Miller played it all on acoustic guitar before the rest of Them joined in for the full song.

Linnell also sang an impromptu bit about how the Orlando House of Blues wasn't worthy of its own Venue Song. Flans made comments throughout about how sick he was, or doped up on over-the-counter medication (not that it affected his stellar performance in the slightest). However, he did mention feeling like "John Sebastian at Woodstock," amazed at "all the love in this room right now," adding we'd end up with "one crazy baby" in the most literal sense of the word.

It would have been the perfect show, if not for one thing. I was attending with Ashley and Sam, who are more experienced when it comes to live music than I am. After the show, the crew started throwing sheets of paper into the audience; I didn't realize they were setlists until it was nearly half over. Ashley, despite being only about 5'1", jumped into the fray to grab one for us. By some miracle she did, but then this guy who must have been 6'3" and 250 at least comes out of nowhere and pulls on her wrist, only to end up with a torn setlist. She ended up with a hurt shoulder; after exiting the House of Blues, we called in the paramedics and all that. (We missed out on getting a drumstick from Frank, too.)

Despite all that, my giant foam finger will still go in a place of honor, a memorial to one of the greatest experiences of my life.--Retrac 20:54, 15 March 2008 (UTC)

One addition was the fearless lead singer was sick and hopped up on Nyquil. He tried to run it off most of the night and nearly busted his butt. Great Show!