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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Wow! This was the first time my wife and I have seen them live. We had a great time.

"Guess we don't need a smoke machine."

Regarding their first time in Mississippi: "We can cross off this state."

On autographed albums for sale during the show: "You can play albums in your rich, fancy life."

"Culture domination is new to us."

"Dan brought his extra fuzzy bass ... that's the way we like it!"

"We'd like to thank the Obama people for all of the confetti."

"Five people got all of the confetti ... sorry for the low ceiling."

"I have the microphone!"

"Welcome to the Dan Miller rock guitar clinic."

Regarding Mississippi's humidity: "The air is a lot thicker here ... you can eat it for lunch."

"Turn on the strobes! We need seizures!"

Somewhere in the setlist "The Famous Polka" was played. All instrumental. Maybe someone else there can help get its placement right in the setlist.