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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

Marty, our next president, celebrates his birthday today. His lovely wife has arranged for a cake to be delivered. We, behind his back, although Danny almost spilled it, decide a surprise onstage delivery is in order. The rub is that it's an Ice-Cream cake and it's still hovering around boiling outside. Fast action is called for. Our TM Bob and guitar tech Lala, at the surgically precise moment, produce the unlit cake to the stage for presentation. We've tweaked the end of XTC vs. Adam Ant to include the Gregorian Birthday song. Marty's look of annoyance at our seeming clam turns to surprise as the cake is briefly brought out of it's cold slumber for his approval. Delicious it was. HB Marty!!
A fine relaxing Sunday show, we could have been in slippers. As the tour moves forward you can really hear things coming together. This show is a bit tighter then yesterdays as we settle into the pacing of the set. I like the combo of Destination Moon into Angel.
We re-recorded Trees since we cut it from the last night's tape. Much improved man, that first singing chord is hard to get right.
Corn Mo has been joining us onstage for a version of "Hocus Pocus" by Focus, that 70's novelty hit that is probably included on some K-TEL album in your basement. It's a bitch to sing and the mile high status of the gig does nothing for your pipes. There is a reason Opera is done at sea-level. He rises to the occasion and TMBG-MO sail away on the boat of 70's glam rock. A departure for us, but goddamn it's fun to play!

Reynoldbot writes:

This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.
The audio quality of this show is mixed. Sometimes, as on "In the Middle" and "James K. Polk," it sounds great. Other times, as on "Cyclops Rock," it sounds flat. Fortunately, there is no clipping or cutting out or distortion (this plagues the early show downloads). The audio is not really bad by any means, but I have heard better. The bass lacks fullness and sounds tinny. Also, it lacks the real "I am definitely listening to a show" quality that I personally love.
Audio commentary aside, this is a pretty good show. Being the second night in one place, the setlist is full of gems that they don't play very often. The flubs in this show are funny. Flansburgh just can't seem to get the lyrics right in a few instances. "XTC vs. Adam Ant" is a good example. Highlights for this show are "In the Middle," "Bed Bed Bed," "Don't Let's Start," and "Turn Around."
The setlist of this show is reason enough to download, but don't expect something that will sound amazing in your car on the highway.