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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

Toad's Place, for those who have been, is the Dodge Dart of Rock Clubs - never changing, but always dependable for a solid outing. For this swing we've started shifting the set a little and adding a few tunes to the over-all length. Thunderbird starts the show off with a bang which leads, sans chit-chat, into Twistin'.
The original first encore called for "Dead" but someone called an audible (I think it was an audience request) and it ended up being a rare occurrence of "Don't Let's Start." Being as I don't play on this tune I really enjoy seeing the band do this tune. It reminds me that before my tenure with the band I would see them in Boston and get very psyched when this tune was performed. It's a brief trip down memory lane, with the added fun of getting to jump back onstage instead of heading to the red-line to catch the last T home.
Good recording and a solid show.