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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

Not much I can say about this gig; Hometown crowd in the many thousands, beautiful summer night, and the band ready to go. This gig, perhaps, is the best performance TMBG (during my tenure) has ever performed in NYC. Rare indeed is the show where we all walk off with a unified expression of 'great show.' Tonight was it - as a band of critics there are often differences of opinion as to the quality of our performance (we never judge the beautiful fans). Tonight we are as unified as can be - my hat is off to John and John, Marty and Danny for an amazing job and a hearty thanks to them for letting me play with this groovin' band.
There is a little wind in the recording, which can be heard briefly during some the non-music sections of the show. I really wanted this one to be bootleg+ kind of deal, so I kept the audience mikes a little hotter then normal. The wind (which only can be heard in three brief spots) is well worth it as it gives the show a real 'in the front row' type of feel.

In a 2008 Gothamist interview with John Linnell, he agreed that this was one of the best shows the band had done to that point: "That was a really fun show for me. I used to live across the street from the band shell there so it was incredibly convenient; I walked about 50 feet to get from the front door to the stage. We moved since then but it was a treat."[1]