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Review by Skye Sciolto:
Reportedly they did not do a meet and greet at any of the three NE shows, and the Johns came to this one in Flans' car... left for NY immediately after leaving the stage because of the snow. The rest of the band was there for a while, so I got my ticket stub, setlist, and Gigantic postcard signed by Hickey and Weinkauf (wanted to see Miller—he was especially awesome—but didn't see him). I got one of the setlists, which says Boston-Avalon on the top, which is crossed out and Providence-Lupo's is written over it. Down the side it says 'too tired to make another setlist' in Flans' writing. Around the first two songs it said 'two hard cores!'. It was the same show as the night before. They didn't follow it completely, though—for instance, 'Man' was on the list(can only assume that means My Man, It's so Loud, or Undercover For The Man, although that's usually UFTM)—they didn't play anything like that, and certainly not at that time. Before the doors opened we heard the whole soundcheck, which included the Monkees song and AFK in their entirety, plus a lot more! A lot of the songs were more rocking than usual, especially No! songs. After one of them, Linnell said he saw a guy with his mouth wide open, and he said he thought the guy was rocking out and screamingYEAH!—but he later realized he was just yawning. Linnell forgot to start singing a verse in one song, and later apologized and said he was distracted thinking about the Big Dig. He asked if we knew about it, and Flans said 'they're like 60 minutes away. How could they not know about it? Does anyone here drive a car?'. When Flans thanked the lighting guys, he said that after the show there would be a special free service offered, BLINDSIK. He said it was like LASIK, and Iggy would shine his light directly in your eyes. No more being bothered by bright lights! He said they weren't responsible for short term sight loss, but entirely responsible for long term sight loss. Before Dr. Worm he said they also offered DEAFSIK which would lead to no more being bothered by loud noises. Flans wore an orange plaid shirt and orange sneakers.

James K. Polk: on the setlist it says 'cannons' but there were none. There was, however, a disco ball that was on for several songs Bed Bed Bed: sound effects seemed to be broken, so were mostly buzzing and sirens. Linnell looked puzzled John Lee Supertaster: Flans says he really does have a friend who is a supertaster, we always think he made it up, but this song is for his brutha John Lee. He said he heard about it on NPR so you know it must be true In The Middle: Flans sung it, which was weird, but he did a great job. He did mess up the lyrics every time, though—'when you're on the corner till the coast is clear' which doesn't make sense Au Contraire: they made a big deal about this—'we are kind of embarrassed to announce this new song with a French name, we know that's kind of controversial. So, we are now going to call it the Freedom Song'. I am crazy about it, though. Destination Moon: Linnell messed up the end-'coughing in the taxi, limping at the airport' but I'd never heard it live and I loved it Another First Kiss: YAY! Hey Hey We're the Monkees: rumor has it they are covering something off the wall at each show now. That's where my Damn Good Times came from). They weren't sure they knew this song but it was great. Before they played it Linnell picked up his accordion and Flans said 'you're gonna play it on that??' so he took the keyboard instead. Dr. Worm: intro said this is for those of you who like songs about doctors. Drink: intro said this next song is about Dr. Ink who works in a clinic with Dr. Worm—the clinic for the acoustically impaired Fingertips: same great 'H E A R T to you, if I die before we freak' boy-band thing with the I'm Having a Heart Attack one Why Does The Sun Shine?: the heat and light of the sun are caused by nuclear reactions between Rt. 95, Rt. 84, Rt. 91, and the Mass Pike. You can tell they drove up here themselves. Istanbul: long, awesome intro Spin the Dial was difficult—first there was a baseball game(Flans heard the announcer say 108 million, so took that and said '108 million people bored watching a baseball game), then dead air('probably an NPR station that didn't get the memo about dead air), then that elevator music 'I know this much is true' which they played a part of—then spontaneously a few songs later they did almost the whole song pretty well. Flans can really pull that kind of thing off... and he says he doesn't sing like a girl!