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Self Called Nowhere:

JF: We'd like to thank you for coming to the show here in the continuing education center.
JL: This is a song about a worm! People love the worm songs! You gotta do the worm songs!
JF: This is our second show tonight and we're happy because our parents have left so we're free to swear. The ultimate crutch. That and a drunken crowd. This next song draws on some classical themes, it's based on Greek mythology...
JL: It was at exactly this point in the last show that the power went out. (I don't know where he got this happend at about the halfway point and he was saying this after four songs.) And it was actually one of the most beautiful things in the show, but we can't say, like, "That was great, let's do it again." We can't fake it. And...I'd like to go off on one other pointless tangent here...I noticed during the first song that there were these lights on the back wall. And I'd never seen anything like that before. And I realized that for the first time there were lights at a concert that were for the benefit of the band and not the audience. None of you could see them; they were just for us. I was deeply touched.
Flans kissed Robin as she was walking offstage and he was walking back on. They did Ringo during the drum solos, which I'd never heard before. Gases on the sun: Boston radio stations.
JF: (introducing Spin the Dial) Skeptics, know-it-all's, braniacs, might think this is fake, but the only thing that's fake about it is the emotions we pour into each and every performance. And girls whose boyfriends are leaning over to them and telling them this is can do better. Now, should we start on the left or the right?
JL: Let's take a vote and pretend it's fair.
JF: Who wants to start on the left? Who wants to start on the right?
(People held up their hands.)
He found a couple of rap songs and something that inspired "get off your ass and see theirs", but that was about it. At one point John held up his wrist to suggest it was taking up too much time even though he wasn't actually wearing a watch. So a few songs later:
JF: That was the shittiest radio ever. It was all ads! We've thought it sucked before...We've been to places where there are like 2 stations and found something to do, but that was cold comfort.
JL: Where's the oldies station?
Audience: 103.3!
JF: 103? *turns radio back on and they play a little of whatever was on* See, we could've done something like that, but no.
JL: *looking at Miller* Are you in E flat over there?
JF: Yeh.
JL: No, that's wrong...We're gonna play a song that we practiced.
JF: Sorry about the swearing. It's hard-wired. We swear at children's shows.
JL: This song is about a stopped clock that...didn't go. Cos it was stopped.
At one point there was something wrong with Flans' guitar so he went and yelled at the tech ("This is totally fucked up!") which made me happy cos it was the guy who wouldn't let me get the setlist from the first show. The Supertaster intro was modified to "about a year ago in Brooklyn."
JF: We want to thank the audience individually. *singing* Is that a head brace? Sorry man...Thank you people in the's like Pay-Per-View...