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At the end of the show on the 16th, Flansburgh came out to sign autographs. I got my ticket stub signed and said that I'd loved the show but was surprised and sad that they didn't play New York City, since it was the first time they'd been in San Francisco since 9/11 and a lot of transplanted New Yorkers (myself included) were hungry for anything that reminded them of home. In fact, I said, if he promised to play it the next night, I would go buy a ticket for it right now.
"We'll play it tomorrow," Flansburgh said. "I promise."
I bought my ticket and came back the next night, and damned if they didn't open the show with New York City and follow it with just about every song I have ever wanted to hear them play. I wonder whether Flansburgh looked over the edge of the stage and saw me right up front screaming "THANK YOU!" at the top of my lungs. I think about half the people in the room were crying, and we were all singing along as loud as we could.
That moment right there made me a TMBG fan for life. There is a band that knows how to keep its fans happy.