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review by Matt Beahan

I got to the gig at about 4:50, with the doors opening at 7. I managed to be the first person in and situated myself right at the barrier. Now came the wait... Support band Kevin Tihesta's Red Terror were better than I thought, although I still couldn't wait for them to end. Finally, at 9 p.m. on the dot the lights dimmed, smoke filled the stage and They Might Be Giants took the stage. Well, all the band with the exception of John F... He came on a few minutes later, grabbed the mike and stood screaming at the front of the stage for a good two minutes. The gig finally got underway with a slower-than-usual New York City, given added poigniancy with all the recent event. They continued with a lot of songs off Mink Car, a great Dead, and She's Actaul Size which featured 12(!) drum solos in varying styles from Dan Hickey, IMO one of the best drummers around. The crowd went predictably wild for Boss of Me, whilst the whole theatre was turned into a giant nightclub complete with discoballs and lasers for Man, it's Loud in Here. The Official Greatest Song Ever Birdhouse in your Soul was as good as I could have hoped, The Guitar surprisingly sucked, whilst Why Does The Sun Shine and James K. Polk surprisingly rocked. The first encore ended with a superb Fingertips, and the show finally finished with a glitter cannon exploding as the band played Particle Man. The 2 Johns were on top form throughout, with John F throwing a variety of rock-star poses (and sporting a VERY dodgy moustache), looking for all the world like the nerd Elvis, and the Dans chipping in with individual solos. All in all a great show. Not the best TMBG gig I've seen, but a great night out.