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Review by Ben Greenwood:
I, being a TMBG freak since last year, went with a bunch of friends to see TMBG at club laga on october 25...good show. My friends were Jason, Peter, Jeremiah, Drew, and who cares. ok so we get to club laga, go up to the steps, and wait in line for a half an hour. When they let us in, there is a guy operating the gas machine, and we asked him what the gas stuff was, and he said it was anthrax!! ok so we go up to the balcony for better view, and the opening band came on. they were really good, except the bass player..he was nuts. anyway, my mom nearly burst in tears at the samba music they were playing in between the opening band and TMBG, but eventually it was over and TMBG came on. They opened with Particle Man and Doctor Worm, which really surprised me, because those aren't really opener songs. anyway, i think after that was james k. polk, and i still have the confetti from that. I forget what happened after that, but i was like AAAHHHH WOHOO. so it must have been good. I think it was birdhouse, where i was jumping up and down like yay, and my mom yelled at me cuz she thought the balcony was going to fall. Dan miller's guitar solo for istanbul was mom loves the song istanbul...just a side note. the most interesting part of the show was when they tuned into the local radio stations and played along. It was funny, because of the 9-11 attacks, everying was news. It went like news, news, talk show, country song, news, rap song, news, news, , news, country song, talk show, news...etc. So anyway, she's actual size was funny because he was rolling around on the floor and stuff. and during hickey's drum solo, he said "Every rock song known to man since 1980" and he played that doodoo bum doobeedoobeedoo bum doobee doo doo...thing. Anyway, when the back up band left the stage and they played Man, It's So Loud In Here, my mom got a head ache from the lights, and she was likke aGGGHH. but she was ok. Robot Parade is a great song, the live performance made me really happy and loving and stuff. Then he said "G-l-o...cknshpiel" and i burst out laughing cuz it was funny and it was ripping of weird al's A-L-B-U.....QUERQUE" anyway. They played shoehorn with teeth, and my friend peter was like "what the heck". Everyone was cheering like crazy when hickey played the glockenshpiel. yea, and flashborg said "Our glockenshpiel tech, the greatest glockenshpiel tech aorund, give them a hand." It was funny. After that they played The Sun, and i loved this.."copper wire, alluminum wire...paper wire, air wire, any other kind of wire...A GAS". Anyway, they played working under cover for the supposed last song, and the encores were: Fingertips. I love this song. then they played like some other encore stuff i forget what was, we left, went home in exhasperated aww, and had fun and all.
"my remembering of this show" by Jacob
I was working for Club Laga, so i got to see this show for free, and i got paid to watch it. but, i had to tear down all the stuff at the end, so that was the hitch. Mink Car just came out, and at the time i did not care for the album. but, it was an excellent show, even though OKGO was not really something i could get into. It was a cool early fall day, after the September 11th, 2001 attacks, and you could still cut the jitters in the air with a knife. On stage, Flans commented on NYC being "the city that takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'." backstage, their sushi was being eaten by the lighting guys. The floor bowed as the fans bounced up and down. it was a really good show, and i even got to say a few nice words to Flans and Linnell. two encores. it was fun, and i'm glad that it was my first They Might Be Giants concert.