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Fan Recaps and Comments:

review by Todd Van Hammond

Great show! Marks the return of the Giants to the Barrymore after playing a lousy venue on the last tour through Madison, they always pack the Barrymore with Giantsheads from all over. They always say how much they enjoy Madison and it really shows in their performance. They really made a lot of jabs at all the hippies in Madsion too, which of course is true :)

Oh, and Flans was struck by the number of beards in the audience (he figured this was due to the hippy culture :)

review by Kristi Kenyon

It's always great to see the Johns. I think this was my sixth concert over 12 years, 4th at the Barrymore. It was a good concert, on par with the others I've seen. The sound didn't seem as loud at this one compared to the last one I saw at the Barrymore in '98. I could understand more words and my ears weren't ringing as early. I was in the balcony with hubby and the parents of the kids in the front rows. Next time I'll be down in front dancing with my co-worker and fellow They fan.