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review by Tara Weber

OK, as far as I remember, this is what they played last night at the Royal Grove in Lincoln. These are almost surely out of order except for the first and last couple of songs. Sounds like it's largely the same as Kansas City...though Linnell did tell us our radio selections for "spin the dial" beat yours, KC.  ;)

Of the three times I've seen them, this one blew the other two away. Afterwards, my friend and I told Flans how glad we were they finally came to Lincoln and got him to sign our tickets (I was kicking myself for not bringing a CD along or something).

The venue is known locally for being a bit shady. (I half expected to see drunken regular patrons shouting "take it off!" at the Johns.) After a couple songs, Flans said, "I don't think we've ever played at a strip club before." Linnell then reminded him of a certain venue somewhere in Connecticut once upon a time. Flans replied, "I tried to block that from my memory. This is really a...well, an experience that's simultaneously thrilling and...and deeply frightening." Something to that effect, anyway. :)