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The following songs were played during soundcheck:

Review by Joe Machos:

This evening's show @ Edge 2000 in Jacksonville, FL found MC John and DJ John in top form. Not only providing music, but as a public service, educated the audience about the proper use of the King's English ("Fat" not "Phat" and "The Flavor" not "Da Flava"). Would have make our initially elected president, Al Gore, very proud.
Leading off with a superb version of "Older", Linnell was smiling so much that he almost appeared too happy for his pants. "Twisting", "Boss of Me", ,and the amazing feat of "Fingertips" - live! were some of the high octane songs performed right up front. A few new songs - "Drink!" ("from our Broadway work-in-progress, Drink!!") Another new song performed this evening was "I've got a Fang". Pretty cool, although I doubt most of the audience understood the humor in the line about a "triangle opening in a can of tomato juice" Phyllis Diller should no doubt add this song to her repertoire. Several alternate tracks from Flood ("They Might Be Giants", "Letterbox"), "James K. Polk" and "Spiraling Shape" from FS really got the Tuesday night crowd moving in the best of ways. "Dig My Grave" was another standout track from "Apollo 18" performed this evening.
While the sidemen took a much deserved smoke break, the Johns gave a "Cleverly Bros." vocal rendition of the Ellie Greenwich chestnut "Maybe I Know". I know medleys are done to death, but TMBG could have segued into "Leader of the Pack" when the band returned, continuing filling the building to the brim with her true pop. (Note to self: Flesh out proposal to LEGO for a "TMBG Brill Building set" .)
I apologize for my lack of a complete set list, but during one of the encores, DJ John (Linnell) channeled the voice of Phil Lynott and sang a catatonic verse from "The Boys Are Back in Town". Final encore was Istanbul, performed in an early Santana "Oye Como Va" style that even Tom Coster would have bought. Kids, take it from this soon to be 39 year old: TMBG are your best entertainment value. The sidemen in this edition simply smoke and innovative features abound. The "automated touch-tone phone menu" drum solo and "Spy"-ending, Zappa-esque, MC John (Flans) conducted jam session using 80's song snippets are for the whole family to enjoy. While the overall markets may be bear, They (symbol: "TMBG") is bullish on Young America.
Lastly, prior to TMBG taking the stage, the pre-show music included the "Dr. Evil" theme and a carnival style arrangement of "Shoehorn With Teeth". Conjured images of Gary Busey eating cotton candy from a Tony Millionaire designed paper serving cone! "This way to the Egress!!!!"