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Review by UrineMan:
This was a great show. The Johns and the Band of Dans rocked for nearly two hours and through up two encores. Early in the set, John and John explained how the band recently "went back to Giants' camp" and had polished up on many Flood songs. As a result, "Women and Men," "Letterbox," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," "Twisting," "Birdhouse In Your Soul," and "Particle Man," were sprinkled throughout the evening. After mentioning it beforehand, Linnell sang "I've got a withered arm" into "Don't Let's Start", replacing the "deputy dog" section. TMBG also played some of their new material such as "I've Got a Fang," "Robot Parade," and their "hit," "Boss of Me." The hugely surprising showstopper of the night was a song that Flansburgh said they had "finally gotten right after fifteen years of practice," "Fingertips." The Giants nailed the multi-song menace, perfect in time and tune. With the assistance of Dan Miller, the Johns nailed the male vocal parts, and held back laughter as they belted out the female ones. TMBG also performed "Cyclops Rock," "Subliminal," "Shoehorn With Teeth," "The Guitar," and "She's Actual Size," just to name a few. A wonderfully memorable experience for all in attendance.