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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Chad Hobbs:

Angel: rockin'
Till My Head Falls Off: rockin'
Spy: the ONLY song off "John Henry." Bummer....
Battle: people vs. apes -- people won
Polk: rockin'
NYC: rockin'
Sun: rockin' as always
Istanbul: there was an "ISTANBUL" chant before the song
Worm: reprise????????? They played it TWICE! what a kick in the teeth... They could have played James Ensor or Sleeping in the Flowers or ANYTHING other than Dr. Worm 2X)
over all the show kicked ass... John F. signed a ton of stuff after the show. Despite the protests of the Security/Bouncers at Bogarts (fucking assholes)

Review by Glomer:

They Might Be Giants Play Cincinatti at Bogarts.
the concert was October 9th. Set lists were fought for so many people just have one half of them. Many blame the stupid bouncers for this.
Confetti Cannon and the puppets were used. The best show I have attended yet. A little unruly because a lot of people seemed to think you can mosh to TMBG. Flansburgh set them straight saying Grunge is dead.
This was the first time I have heard the John's really cuss. Racist friend had F**k in it and the John's spent a lot of time cussing out one member of the audience for throwing things on the stage.
Dr. Worm was played twice.