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Brian Levine: Review by Brian Levine:

This was my first TMBG show. I had been given Flood by a friend 5 years previous, and had been told that they were fun to go and see. So, when the Celebrate Brooklyn schedule included them I made my plans—the park is a mere two blocks from my house and it was a free ($3 donation to Prospect Park) show. I remember that Skeleton Key opened up. I also remember that before they played Statue, one of the Johns proclaimed that "this was a good song to listen to, sitting in the park while getting high!" It was a beautiful day, mid-afternoon show, and they had about a 13-piece brass section with them :). At that point I really didn't know many of the songs, but the band's and crowd's energy were great, and to actually see them in Brooklyn was, as I found out later, quite a treat! They played Prospect Park again a few years later, and they need to come back for a third show!
NOTE - Ha ha! I wrote that in college I believe (I'm 30 now; it's October 2009), and well before existed. Was it at that point, I think? Oh, and while I did not like Skeleton Key (couldn't tell you why or what they sounded like at this point; wait... thank you wikipedia - they still exist, in fact!), they did make an impression on my friend, and she saw them again years later.


Celebrate Brooklyn was a nice outdoor show in a large park. I asked permission and was allowed to take photos.