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They Might Be Giants performing at the venue.

Fan Recaps and Comments:

(Translated from German)
From Snap fanzine, Summer 1989:

Damn it. One deja vu experience rushes the other: One John looks like a civilian from Regensburg, whom I once got to know on such a course, the other like a freshly baked high school graduate who has just bagged his 2 or 8 certificate and is now out of fear Sweat before grandma's kiss, and the Luxor looks like it always does.

In contrast to the “Might Be Giants” the place was packed, the band preferred to sweat as I said. Drummer and bassist in particular seemed to have eaten up with the joy of playing, or they were dressed entirely in black and wore the same masks. In any case, they could hardly be made out on the huge stage.

Insiders even spread rumors that the rhythm section had been recorded from the tape. By the way, only John showed charisma. John on the other hand impressed with the hilarious attempts to get the phonetic of the word “Cologne” (big city in North Rhine-Westphalia - located on the Rhine - the editor) accident-free. I didn't hear anyone laugh. The duo spread the mood anyway. People danced and laughed; the people got their money's worth. Pieces from the debut LP and even more pieces from “Lincoln” were always fun.

Incidentally, a bunch of young US citizens who had come from Bitburg to cheer their compatriots unreservedly caused a not inconsiderable flair of great freedom. The whole thing culminated in an embarrassing soap opera scene: John (sweating) suddenly brought a girl onto the stage, who had to contribute the rhythm to one of the Giant songs in the form of violent beating of a tree trunk on the stage floor. After sweat graduation guitar John explained to her what to do, he said to the salvation of all of us: "I think she’s an American".

When the US groupie put wet kisses on the cheeks of our Johnnys red head and with reverential looks after their work was done, the kitsch was perfect: Paul Weller would say ‘That’s Entertainment’. After all, he has to know, because he couldn't just be a giant, he is one. - J.R. Carrington