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Bootleg reviewed by Tenniru

I was not at this show. In fact, I was not yet BORN when this show occured. Why, then, am I reviewing it? Well, I happen to have a copy of the master tape of an audience recording. And nobody else has.

The show opened with the backing track (and ONLY the backing track) of Piece Of Dirt playing over the PA. The audience at one point assumed the band was coming, then realized they weren't. Then Hello Radio started playing over the PA; the rather pathetic sound of it combined with the unsuspsenseful intro was a bit funny, and prompted a "what the hell, just come on stage already". Finally, a deep voice (an announcer? A tape?) announces the band. Some idiot starts tossing beer at Flansy's guitar, prompting some explicit responses and a very calm "there's a special place in hell for you". The performance was great, with band/tape coordination at an all-time perfect high. A unique (sporting a diffirent intro) proto-version of Your Racist Friend is a real treat, and shouts for a request go ignored by Flansburgh's feigned deafness. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love is performed flawlessly with just the drum machine, fake bells, and the accordion. (People loudly request "The Sun" and "Birdhouse" by now; all hail Dial-A-Song.) Right at the end of this song, Flansburgh requests that "will the person whose car is on fire outside please move it?" (He confirms that there are policemen out here, and they keep the door closed to keep the smoke out; I can distantly hear a siren.) An embryonic Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is played, using the old "a guitar, an accordion, and that's all" arrangement that makes for a very short song. It's Not My Birthday suffered from a false start when the backing began before the Johns were ready to play. Someone named Pete (and two others named Chaz and Melanie) get somehow involved with Lie Still, Little Bottle although my lack of visuals here does not tell me what. After Don't Let's Start, Flansburgh breaks a string and orders the sound man to play a mysterious, unknown song he received in the mail called "I Might Be Giant, Too". (It contains the phrase "They Might Be Giants" at one point.) This thankfully is the exact opposite of what the crowd was requesting; it appears they desperately wanted either a drum solo or "Freebird". (Silly audience.)

Overall, a very good show with a good sound system, wonderful band/tape blending, and a happy audience. Also, I think the car was still on fire when the show ended.