Jim Honeyman

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Jim Honeyman (born 1960 in Riverside, California) is a musician who played tenor saxophone with The Velcro Horns during They Might Be Giants' fall 2007 tour in support of The Else.

Honeyman played several dates on the 2007 tour, including shows in Seattle, Portland, and Ventura. He provided blistering solos on performances of "Withered Hope" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)". According to John Flansburgh, Honeyman suffered a finger injury at some point between the Ventura show and the Hollywood show which took place the next night. He was replaced by George Shelby for the remaining West Coast dates of the tour.

Other Works[edit]

Honeyman began playing jazz saxophone at the age of 14, inspired by the recordings of Charlie Parker and Dexter Gordon. He graduated from Cal State Los Angeles in the 1980s. Prior to 1993, Honeyman was in a jazz fusion band called Slow Burn. He played tenor saxophone on Canadian soul group jackSOUL's 2006 Juno-award winning album, mySOUL. Honeyman played flute and clarinet on Shelby Lynne's 2010 Christmas album. Honeyman has also worked as an orchestrator on many motion pictures, including White Chicks and The Green Hornet.

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